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Skulls of the Shogun: Review (Xbox, Windows Phone)

January 30, 2013 2 Comments

Skulls of the Shogun has been one of the most anticipated games for Xbox Arcade, Windows Phone and Windows. Personally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the turn based strategy game. Luckily for us, the awesome crew at 17-bit (gave us early access to the Windows Phone and Xbox 360 versions.

To start it off, Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based strategy game. What would make this entertaining even for folks that aren’t fans of the genre is that you don’t just click and point to who your going to attack, you have to move your army and strategically place them in the right areas, either for offensive or defensive purposes. So you are really on the move and control every aspect of your battles, which gives it an ‘action game’ feel. Need another good reason? That’s easy, the game is hilarious and has plenty of whacky characters and amusing lines to keep you very entertained while you play.

The whole game takes place in the afterlife as you play as tactical genius General Akamoto. He has landed there after being stabbed in the back by Kurokawa. Now they are both stuck in the samurai afterlife but Kurokawa has taken General Akamoto’s identity there. You fight as the General battling his way through the four seasons of the Afterlife to try and stop his enemy and finally get his prize in the afterlife. You also get to meet extra soldiers, magical animal monks and gods as you play through 20 hand painted levels.


The game plays flawlessly on the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone. It is easy to maneuver on either platform and 17-bit did a great job at fitting all that action even on a 4.3inch screen. The speed of the game however is ok on Windows Phone 7 devices like the Lumia 900 but it rockets on the Windows Phone 8 device the Lumia 920. It plays well on both but there is a noticeable upgrade on the Lumia 920.

Whether your controlling your army with the Xbox controller or you fingers on a Windows Phone. It is really easy to get fully immersed in this game. Both versions did a great job of making the gameplay easy to manage on either platform.


You – General Akamoto

Tough as nails and hard as steel, General Akamoto is an unflappable, honor-bound general with his sights set on revenge.

Stone-faced, practical, and focused on his career even in death, he’s a genius, pragmatic commander. Just make sure he’s closely guarded at all times… If he falls in battle, it’s game over!

Enemy – Kurokawa

Akamoto’s second-in-command, Kurokawa was a good warrior, but also a petty hothead and a backstabber, burning with jealousy over Akamoto’s prowess on the battlefield.

Their score will be settled in the Land of the Dead…

Battle Units


The Gods




The game looks amazing from the moment you turn the game on. The graphics are sharp and the cut-scenes are really well done. The Windows Phone versions suffer slightly from the Xbox version in this department as it isn’t as sharp. Nothing to make a big deal about as it still looks great, the Xbox version (obviously) takes the cake on this one.

No matter which platform you are playing on however, you will never forget the first time you see one of your soldiers eat an enemy’s skull after they (re)die. (long story short… you have to eat skulls through the entire game to achieve power-ups and gain more health)


Windows 8/ Windows RT –  Surface

Windows Phone


asynchronous multiplayer mode

When we first purchased our Windows Phones with Xbox Live built-in, this is exactly what I thought Xbox games on Windows Phone would be. Skulls of the Shogun is fully an Xbox cross-platform game. You can play on Windows Phone, Xbox and even on Windows 8. You can start your game on any platform and continue from any of your choosing. The game also features an asynchronous multiplayer mode where you can play VS anyone else on any Xbox platform. This is the very first game that gives you that ability.

I wasn’t able to try this out too much since my access before launch wasn’t live enabled but I can tell you that it works and works very well.

Special Introductory Price

The Windows 8 and Windows Surface version will launch at $9.99 (normally $14.99) in the Microsoft Store, and the Windows Phone version will launch at $4.99 (normally $6.99) in the Windows Phone Marketplace!


Skulls of the Shogun is an amazing game and one of the best Xbox games on Windows Phone. It is even extra special that you can continue your game on either the Xbox or Windows 8 machine. Even better that you can play vs anyone on any platform.

You NEED to at least try this game if you have a Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Xbox at home.

Rating: ★★★★★


Try for Free – $4.99 to Buy  (Windows 8 Version Here) (Xbox 360 version Here)

App Info:
Skulls of the Shogun is an arcade strategy game featuring dead samurai fighting in the samurai afterlife.

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