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HTC: No Plans for Windows Phone 7.8 Update for HD7

January 30, 2013 11 Comments

While every OEM is stating that the Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming to all their Windows Phone 7.x devices. HTC is now backing off that idea as they have stated via Twitter that they have no 7.8 plans for the HD7.


@burybren –  @htc any news on the HTC hd7 7.8 is update? Thanks @htc hope you guys had a great weekend!

@HTC @burybren At this time, HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade. If that should change, we’ll let you know.


Hopefully there aren’t too many in circulation at the moment since the HTC HD7 was one of the very first Windows Phones made available.


Update: Looks like the HTC HD7 IS getting the update outside of the US.



Source: Twitter via pocketnow


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  • http://www.facebook.com/zabih.chaudhry Zabih Chaudhry

    i am using… HTC Radar… didn’t received any update for WINDOWS PHONE 7.8… I dont think HTC will deal with it… Crap… Never buy HTC…….

    • lewish327

      have you got this update yet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chilian.ionut Chilian Ionut

    I don’t think that HTC will take the risk, we talk about a lot of money loss, i think that HTC will make a deal with Microsoft and HTC phones will get the Windows 7.8 update ! If it is like i say i give a BIG BIG LIKE to Microsoft and this will change everything – MICROSOFT WILL BE REBORN AND HTC WILL BE SAVED OR ELSE !

  • Bobby B

    I’m getting a bit Pd off with rumours of updates on htc. have been a loyal windows phone user for years and was shocked to find out there was no flash player on htc hd7, no front cam and now no update? surely not. I thought they were competing. Sadly think it’s time to change.

    • really

      any way you slice this comment its just sad…

  • Marco

    I can disprove this article … last night at about 23:45 I received the notice of upgrade available for my device (always updated officially, the only change that the memory is 16GB instead of the one 8gb and I did two weeks ago) … I have finished charging the battery, connected to PC, sync with Zune … made two minor updates … and the third was to update the operating system. OFFICIAL .. Windows Phone 7.8 on my HTC HD7 … here send photos immediately with date and time stamped …

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      Great news! Makes no sense due to what HTC said but I am glad that it is being updated.
      Please contact us (info at wp7connect.com) thanks

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  • accv.dre

    I used Seven-Eighter by windows phone hacker last night and it worked fine. Did three updates and the last was 7.8 The program would crash after each update completed but it didn’t affect the phone. Very simple to do, you just have install the same language packs you have, check under settings then keyboard to see what languages you have installed, I actually had more than Seven Eighter had so I selected every language. My HD7 is running windows 7.8 and it was very easy to do try it now peeps. I’m with 02 in the UK


  • miller of the dee

    oh man screw dat, hd7 got the update so did my radar and if u guys don’t get update automatically use the force upgrade trick its on the youtube too, im lovin windows 7.8, dat jus da new thing guys.. remember if u do da trick da timing is different, depending upon your internet speed avg connection takes 6-7 seconds, enjoy.

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