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Exclusive: Doom & Destiny Creators Sit Down For In-Depth Interview

January 14, 2013 4 Comments

HeartBit Interactive, creators of the greatly successful Doom & Destiny RPG has finally come clean with the details surrounding the fantastic game. They recently sat down for an exclusive interview that gives us all insight on the porting process, future updates and future ambitions with the Windows Phone OS.

MBGW: Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here again haha. So, Lets jump right in..What was the process of porting the game over like?

BF: Hello! haha, well the porting itself wasn’t the hardest part. Since the game was made with XNA, it was “already done” for the WP7. But there were a lot of problems we did not consider and took a lot of time to fix: controls, aspect ratio, performance issue and a few more in depth technical aspects. And now that the game hit the marketplace, we realize that WP8 and some phones have an “out of memory” issue and we are trying to fix that problem at our best!

MBGW: Well that’s good news! So just what took you guys so long?!?

BF: Most of the time that was spent in porting the game was used to test every aspect of the game was working as we expected, and even doing so we missed a lot of issues.It took so long beacuse we are a small studio and in the meantime we had to work on many other projects. Maybe to many 🙂

MBGW: Aw ok,WP8 projects we hope!. I guess we can forgive you for taking so long 🙂 What new features/game mechanics have been added?

BF: We managed to create a perfect porting from the console version to the phone and except for the “bloom effects” (the phone can’t handle post processing effects), the Windows Phone version is identical to the other versions. Nothing was left behind!

MBGW: Fantastic! What are the average number of downloads been like per day?

BF: So far is between 4000-5000 downloads per day 🙂 We think it’s pretty good!

MBGW: That’s not just good, that’s great! We notice now that the game is 100% free, with no ads or pay-to-play incentives whatsoever. Just what are your plans to receive revenue?

BF: As soon as we fix the issue with phones that can’t handle the awesomeness of Doom & Destiny (out of memory issue), the game will no longer be free. It will be sold at a price yet to be decided, but who already downloaded it will still be able to play it for free (provided you doesn’t uninstall it).

MBGW: Well that is great news for those who have yet to download( We suggest you do so now HERE!) Most who play the game will for sure pay to see you guys continue to support the growing Windows Phone OS with new games and future updates…speaking of which, what juicy news can you give on future updates releasing?

BF: We are working on a more stable version for WP8, planning on an “autosave feature” and a “cloud saving” for all the Doom & Destiny version (too bad Xbox can’t still handle it)No matter where you play it, your save files will always be with you.

MBGW: Now that’s what I’m talking about! Microsoft take note!..Any future games releasing to the Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 you can talk about today?

BF: Our next project will be a console game for XBLA/PSN and PC. But we are working on the WP version of our retro spy-puzzle game Spyleaks!We might have a secret project for the Dream Build Play 2013 ;)..If sales of Doom & Destiny are good enough, a sequel will be made! You have been warned!:)

MBGW: Yes we have been!haha..Well that was a very in-depth interview, if I do say so myself( Just call me the guy Oprah, haha..”Pats self on back“)Is there anything else you would like to add?

BF: Remember to buy Doom & Destiny if you enjoyed the free version! We need your coins to create awesome games… And eat!

MBGW: You hear that people!?They need their coins, so support them once this game is paid! It’s the least you can do for such hard work and dedication to our platform..And just what can we do here at WP7connect.com to help you guys in the future?

BF: Your support is good enough, just inform the players that due to the “out of memory issue” some phone won’t be able to fully enjoy the game yet, but since it’s free right now, they shouldn’t complain to much 🙂 Ahahaha

MBGW: I hear that haha!

Download the game to try for yourself with the link below! Stay tuned for future updates coming soon!…MBGW



I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? 🙂

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