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Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 Infinity Coming Soon…But Wait, Where’s Asphalt 7?!

January 6, 2013 2 Comments

Back in October Gameloft revealed that it would be releasing 12 of their most popular titles to the Windows Phone 8 platform. In that list were many notable titles that left many loyal fans of the WP8 OS salivating with excitement. The only problem with that is that we’ve yet to see a single game released by Gameloft (let alone Microsoft) for the new OS. In fact, there has only been two(yes..two) games made available since October by Rovio which were Angry Birds: Star Wars and AB Space 

.Asphalt 7: HeatN.O.V.A 3

Shark DashIce Age Village

Not much to brag about, but Microsoft has promised games and you better believe we will get them. But in any case, Gameloft’s 2012 dating for releases have expired. It’s now more a question of “when” at this point in time, because while ports of older games(although great games) are being made for Windows Phone 8, newer games like the newest Asphalt title Asphalt 8 Infinity are coming to other platforms soon. Unfortunately, if its been any indication in the past of treatment received by most developers, Windows Phones will probably get a version 6 to 12 months after the fact..Below is part one of the Developer Diary for Gameloft’s upcoming newest Asphalt racing game titled Asphalt 8 Infinity.

Sadly, Windows Phone continues to be that “fart in the wind” when it comes to games. The type of gas that most smell and address because others take notice to it first(i.e Rovio, Microsoft)..This “after effect” developing has to improve so that in the future we can experience the same games as Android and iOS users,the same release date with the same quality of play or better…MBGW

Source: Gameloft YouTube


I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? 🙂

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