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New Petition To Bring Google Apps To Windows Phone

December 29, 2012 4 Comments

With worse than poor offerings from Google when it comes to the Windows Phone OS, its getting harder and harder for the head honchos at Google to keep their hatred of all Windows products publicly at a minimum. There are certain workarounds to enable the use of things like multiple calendars, but with the recent announcement that Google will be dropping Exchange ActiveSync support for Gmail in January, the people caught in the middle of this warring company’s affairs have had enough. Below is a petition that users can now sign in order to bring some of Google onto our beloved platform.

Change.org Petition:

Because consumers exercise choice and use multitude of products from different providers. Sometimes we also pay for those services. It is discrimination against consumers if they are being forced to choose platforms based on eco-system support and not their choice. There is no denying that Windows Phone is a promising platform, but app providers like Google keeping their apps walled to Android or iOS is not helping the consumers. The rivalry between the vendors is their own and consumers shouldn’t be dragged into it.
Google has made public statements about not supporting Windows Phone platform, even to an extent of pulling support for the Exchange Activesync protocol. At the end, the consumer suffer.
Google will do great service to their users and consumers by offering some products on rival platform, notable Google Apps, Drive, Google+ and Google Talk.

Cool Stuff? Currently they are at 4,640 supporters  with a goal of 5000. If your into the whole Google thing then sign up to help the cause here.

Source: Change.org Neowin.net


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  • Anonymous

    Google already has API’s.
    A WP app (when you already HAVE the docs for API’s) is something beautiful.
    This kind of app is a joy for 3-5 devs for 1-2 weeks. Then you move to the next app.

    Google’s investment in WP is like – 0. Null. Nada. and the return investment is instant++.

    This is not a money/number of users problem but a fear of competition.
    BTW… WHAT apps Google really has? YouTube?… and what?

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  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Google+ is like cricket, cricket, cricket, Gmail, well just have your Gmail account sync with Outlook.com and voila you have contacts, calendar and mail receiving and sending from Outlook.com as your @gmail address. One added benefit of this is IF you accidentally delete an email you can, you bet, retrieve it.

    I accidentally wiped out a bunch of emails in my gmail inbox and then wiped them out of the trash folder to never be retrieved. Outlook.com gives you the option to retrieve deleted emails or not, something Gmail doesn’t offer. I’m a convert.

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