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Windows Phones Selling Extremely Well In Comparison To Q4 of 2011

December 9, 2012 No Comments

According to the monthly active Facebook users, around 627,000 active Facebook users of the built-in Facebook Windows Phone App have been added since October 2012 (start of the Q4) compared to the less than 150,00 added by December 15th of last year. (Graph Below)

The numbers presented represent real figures that give actual proof that Windows Phones are selling extremely well. It adds validity to the statement made by Steve Ballmer’s in which he states that “Windows Phones are so far selling at four times the rate of the same time last year”. I for one cannot wait for when Nokia and HTC announce their results for this quarter.To read more about these figures head over to WMPoweruser for more…MBGW

Source/Graph : WMPoweruser


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