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Windows Phone developer revenue up 100%+ since November’s WP8 launch

December 2, 2012 1 Comment

Windows Phone Apps Team Senior Director, Todd Brix has recently taken to Twitter to announce that Windows Phone app downloads and developer revenue has more than doubled since the November launch of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Not only has this more than exceeded what was expected but it has given new hope to those that (for whatever strange reason) think the Windows Phone platform isn’t lucrative.

This makes for exciting news for the Windows Phone market because it in essence gives an all clear sign to those still on the fence about the platform. If you build a great enough app or game you will indeed get to enjoy the benefits that the Windows Phone has in its growth stage. So for all those iOS and Android developers out there still curious, get in while the getting’s still good!…MBGW

Source: Windows Phone Daily Twitter


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