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New ReadyClick App turns your Windows Phone 8 device into a vocie activated camera

December 1, 2012 1 Comment

“ReadyClick”, a new “lens” app for the Windows Phone 8 is now available! It allows users to get in front of their photo before it is taken and yell out ready..click to commence a timer that will eventually take the group photos you have always wanted. This creates hassle free shots that you once before could not participate in unless you were The Flash. Below are photos of this cool app as well as full description! Enjoy!


ReadyClick! is a voice commanded lens app for the Windows Phone 8 camera.  Getting great in-focus and well composed photos of YOU is now simple and easy.  Ever need to get a group photo including yourself but worry jumping in to the scene before the timer goes off?  Setup the camera and just say “ReadyClick!” when you’re ready. ReadyClick! will auto-focus and take the picture.  Found a bystander that can hold your camera for you?  Just have them hold your phone and align you with the overlay profile in the viewfinder and you’re assured of getting an in-focus and well composed picture of YOU! ReadyClick! works in all international locales with voice and speech tailored to your language.  Get ReadyClick! and start getting great photos.

ReadyClick is going for $ 1.99 with a free trial! you can download it for the Windows Phone 8 of your choice below:

For a more in-depth video review, head over to WPC!

Source: Windows Phone Store. WPC



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