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Hacked: The HTC HD2 Just Wont Die… Now Running Windows Phone 8

November 29, 2012 4 Comments

One of the last and most famous Windows Mobile devices the HTC HD2 just wont die. The device was a huge success right before Windows Phone came to be but was a huge disaster when Microsoft announced it wouldn’t be upgraded to WP7 (which i think was a huge mistake on Microsoft’s part).

Shortly after however, the hackers went to work and got the Windows Phone OS working on the aging device. Then after that they even got the Mango update loaded up on the hardware.

Now the Dark Forces Team (DFT) have announced that they have Windows Phone 8 working on the HTC HD2!

This was thought to be impossible and right now, all we have are pictures to go by. Hopefully they upload a few videos so that we may see their work. A few downloadable ROMS might help too  :)


You can read more here

via wpc

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