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Developers: How to enable Fast app resume for Windows Phone 8

November 19, 2012 1 Comment

Microsoft has finally posted on MSDN the much needed resources needed in developing apps that fast resume.  This is not to be confused with the Fast App Switching (FAS) feature that leaves applications preserved in memory only to quickly resumes in the same state it was in when navigated away. With fast resume, apps from the start screen will let you resume from where you last left off, opposed to launching the app all over again. Check out the video to see this feature in action:

Full Description of Fast Resume:

This topic describes how to enable fast app resume for Windows Phone 8 apps. On Windows Phone 8, when the user navigates away from an application, the application is suspended and its state is preserved in memory. If the user returns to the application by pressing the Back button or by using the Task Switcher, the app instance resumes. Because the app was preserved in memory, the app quickly resumes in the same state it was when the user navigated away. This process is called Fast App Switching (FAS). If the app is suspended and the user relaunches the app, such as by tapping on the app name in the app list or tapping the app’s primary Start Tile, by default the old instance of the app is terminated and a brand new instance of the app is created. This process is slower than resuming a suspended app and provides a different user experience. Windows Phone 8 introduces the ability for apps to request that user actions that would typically relaunch the app, such as tapping the app’s Start Tile, instead resume the suspended instance of the suspended app instance, if one exists. This feature is called Fast Resume.


If this is implemented into apps during the development process it will make for a much more fluid experience for Windows Phone users everywhere. Go here to learn more developers!..MBGW

Source: MSDN YouTube



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