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Nokia Lumia 920 removed from latest Ke$ha Video

November 10, 2012 6 Comments

Product placement has been the one type of advertisement that requires little to no effort on the companies part to impact the viewers buying habits of the appropriate age demographic in mind. In the latest Ke$ha video we reported earlier on titled “Die Young” it appears that the video on YouTube has generated more than enough negative comments due to the fact that the video is said to be “satanic” and the message that the song has is less than desirable. So in result, Nokia has decided to have the Lumia 920, edited out of the video and to separate themselves from Ke$ha and this seemingly great product placement opportunity…

I personally applaud Nokia for standing up and pulling their phone, even if that means losing potential buyers because of their strong moral values. By pulling themselves away, it shows the company has a great set of values and that this company has more to lose than just than just money…Check out the video(If you dare) and you’ll see why this seemingly catchy tune is about more than just music…MBGW

Source: Youtube, Neowin

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  • Anonymous

    No. This should not happen in the first place.
    When the song is named “Die young” and the singer is well known for his/her songs… You just cannot say something about “Strong Moral values” … You could say damage control… You could say that they did not known…
    ANYWAY an Ad is an Ad and nothing more.

    • MBGW

      Yes..”Strong Moral values” weren’t the right words..I’ll agree to stupidity or “damage control”. On that your are absolutely correct =)

  • Jakob Rosenberg

    Why do people think public gestures are motivated by anything but profit? This decision was handled by the public relations team, not by an ethical committee.

    • jacksonPB

      if that was 100% correct.. why would they have to remove themselves from the vid instead of making ad bucks?i think the message ke$ha portrayed like the orgy in a church would be enough for anyone to run to the hills because that image isnt shared when it comes to core values

      • Jakob Rosenberg

        Did you consider that anyone on the public relations team could come to your conclusion? “the orgy in a church would be enough for anyone to run to the hills.” The religious right in USA recently boycotted Disney for their openness to homosexuals, maybe Nokia are trying to avoid a similar boycott.

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