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Windows Phone Team Discusses New Lock Screen On Latest Blog

November 4, 2012 2 Comments

Recently, The Windows Phone team was asked several Q&A questions about the announced Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen. Below are brief points highlighted on the interview. Check it out!

The new Windows Phone 8 Start screen, with its new resizable Live Tiles, colors, and other improvements, has been getting lots of well-deserved attention since it’s debut.

Danielle Ellbogen, program manager walked us through some of the notable changes she and her team made and revealed her own personal favorites:
Q: So let’s dive right in. How’s the lock screen different in Windows Phone 8?

A: We now let you customize the notifications at the bottom of your lock screen. Before we showed the calendar in the detailed status area. Now you can change that calendar slot to things like your email, your phone, your messaging—so you can see who the missed call was from, or read the first couple lines of a new text message. It’s the same amount of detail you’d see in the large Start tile.

Apps can also register to be on the lock screen. For example, Facebook could show you new comments or if someone posted on your wall. CNN could show you their top story. Skype could show missed calls.

And we made it possible to customize and add new apps to the quick status notification area at the bottom of lock. These are the little icons that show how many missed calls or text messages you have. You can even switch up the ordering of the slots.

Q: That’s cool. Is that all done in the phone settings?

A: Yeah. We figured we shouldn’t be deciding these things for the user because it’s such prime real estate. Users should decide what’s most important to them.

Q: How have you taken advantage of this new power on your own lock screen?

A:  I get tons of work email so that status number just constantly goes up. On the weekend, I don’t want to think about it. So I like to be able to take that icon off.

Q: In Windows Phone 7.5 we added an option to show band or artist images when playing music—a fun touch that I don’t think many people are aware even exists. Anything new on this front in Windows Phone 8?

A: Now we’re allowing apps to set the lock screen background photo for you. So Facebook, for example, gives you the option to display images from your Facebook albums. Every 30 minutes or so you’ll see a new picture. CNN shows you a picture of their top story. And since we have Bing on Windows Phone, you’ll also now be able to see the Bing image of the day—something people asked for on Suggestion Box. People love those pictures, so we made a really big push to get the feature in.

For more of this interview, head over to the Windows Phone Blog Here!

Source: Neowin.net



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