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Microsoft Patents 3D Live Tiles

October 25, 2012 1 Comment

Now this is pretty cool.

Microsoft has submitted a patent that features 3D live tiles for Windows and Windows Phone. There seems to be tons of uses for this type of feature. For instance you can have a few applications on one ’tile’ but when one of the applications get an update (let say email, etc.) the live tiles rotates to the updated application.

Another example is if one application has different kind of updates like images and text. The tile can rotate on updates depending on what kind of update was received.

Still going through the patent but you can take a look at some info from Patent Bolt below:


Patent Bolt:

  • An indicationof an update to an application could include an image or graphic displayed on or next to the panel and could include text (e.g., text characters, formatted text, or character strings), pictures, colors, or other display elements.
  • The indication of the update could change the image or graphic that was displayed by the panel before the update to the application occurred. The change to the displayed panel image could be based on the application update. An indication could also include an animated graphic, video, or photographic image.
  • The indication of the update could include a portion or all of the data received in the update. For example, if a text messaging application receives a text message, the text message or portion of the message could be displayed in the panel (e.g., as a static or scrolling message). Also, the indication of the update could be a predetermined message from the application. For example, if an application has downloaded new content, the indication of the update could display a message that the update added new content such as the message: “New Content has been Downloaded.”
  • The indication of the update could be different for different updates. For example, if an application could have both text and photo updates, when a photo update is received the indication of the update could be different than for when a text update is received.
  • Also, the indication of the update could also be the same for different updates. An indication of the update can be a counter. For example, each time an application is updated a panel assigned to the application can display a counter that is incremented to indicate the application was updated multiple times.
  • The three-dimensional icon could be displayed as rotating about one or more axes of rotation. Rotating an icon about an axis allows for saving viewable space in the display and the icon could rotate without obscuring other images in a display such as other icons. Saving viewable space in the display allows a user to access applications and icons without having to scroll through multiple display screens.


You can read more at Patent Bolt



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