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Mobile Tech: Past, Present, and Future (Part II)

October 4, 2012 No Comments

The telephone is a device that is used to simultaneously transmit and receive sounds; especially the human voice. Who invented the telephone exactly is a hotly debated topic, however, Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be awarded a patent for the telephone in March 1876. Since then the telephone has revolutionized human communication. If you wanted to talk to someone and hear their voice in return you had to be in their presence. There were ways to communicate over long distances like writing letters, telegrams, or even using smoke signals. I don’t have to tell you just how limited these methods were. If you wanted to hear the your loved ones voice or feel the reaction to a joke told when not in their presence the telephone made it a possibility.

The telephone allowed us to communicate with people far away in ways that we were only able to do so in close proximity before the telephone. As the years past and the network was built across the country and around the world we had now a direct line to places we never had before. You could be in New York and hear the excitement of a friend in Hollywood who got her first big break. Family back in Europe could hear all the little details of life across the Atlantic almost as instantly as they happened. There was no need to wait weeks for a letter to arrive, no more limiting your messages to short telegraph phrases. The world shrank and our reach went further. We could always call back home and see how everyone was doing.

In the business world long distance negotiations were made easier. The telephone allowed us to set up meetings in a faster and convenient manner. The speed at which we did business increased because we no longer had to wait for letters lagging in the mail, inconvenient business trips being delayed, or how many miles of open ocean lay between us. Transactions that would have never happened, or would have taken weeks to be arranged, now took place in real time over telephone wires.

Before the telephone if you wanted to know if a business was still open today you would have had to drop everything you were doing and physically visit the store. If you were already at the office before dawn and your wife went into labor, how would you have found out? A simple call helps us save time and be there for the things in life that matters to us most. There are millions of stories that the telephone has enabled to become a reality. From seeing your first child being born to becoming the first company to do business in a new territory. The telephone empowered people to eliminate many limitations our communication had prior to its existence. It was all about bringing us all closer together.

The telephone connected us. Sound waves converted to electricity over a wire then back to sound waves on the other end. A new era in communication was ushered in. Through wires we stayed connected.

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