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Forbes: “Nokia Maps Drives Circles Around Apple and Google”

September 21, 2012 1 Comment

I bumped into an interesting article on Forbes today that was written yesterday after Nokia compared its mapping offerings versus Apple’s and Google Maps.  The article is titled “Nokia Maps Drives Circles Around Apple and Google” and in the article it points out differences and explains why Nokia Maps is better than all the rest.

“frankly while Google does “ok” most of the time, Nokia deserves its bragging rights because it makes you feel local, wherever you are.”

“Nokia continues to advance the features, the accuracy and the already very good consumer experience of its Navteq platform.”

“Whether you are a consumer who wants to occasionally to use your phone to accurately map your drive, or a road warrior with little sense of direction (like me) Nokia is the top of the line and will keep you on time and at ease.”

The article stood out to me because Nokia has been trying to cement itself as the ‘where’ company and it is working. People are finally starting to take notice and we can all thank Apple’s horrible mapping software for it.

I love Nokia Maps and it has even corrected my Garmin GPS once or twice.

Do you use Nokia Maps? How do you think it stacks up against the competition?


You can read the Forbes article here


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