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Mobile Tech: Past, Present, and Future (Part I)

September 20, 2012 1 Comment


At first it was stone tools. Then it was the metal that we worked. Now it is the gadgets that we wield that took us from walking besides apes to the top of the food chain on planet Earth. Through the use of our intellect to create tools, that would enhance our abilities faster than natural selection and evolution ever could, we rose through the ranks like no species in our Earth’s history.

In the last 100 years our technology has advanced at a pace that is as amazing as it is unrelenting. In the field of mobile phones this advance continues at such a pace that a gadget released today is bound to become obsolete before the day is over; at least for those of us who want the latest and greatest. In the next couple of months the mobile landscape will once again upstage human evolution. Windows Phone 8 will be released alongside a slew of incredible devices packed with features that will change how we interact with the world.

In the upcoming weeks we will take a look at how our phones fit into our lives, how they extend our capabilities, and the role they play in our fast-paced world. Whether for work, school, or play (or all three), our phones are more than gadgets that geeks drool over and people cannot put down. Our phones are an extension of who we are, of what we can do. We will start out by looking at what our phones have allowed us to do historically, to what they do for us now, and finally at what we expect and want them to do for us going forward.

Stay tuned as we explore the relationship between us and our phones!


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