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Combine Your Cloud Storage Services With ‘Unifiles’ (Dropbox and SkyDrive)

September 18, 2012 1 Comment

A new app on the Windows Phone store called ‘UniFiles’ combines your Dropbox and SkyDrive services in one. The developer also states that they are working on adding more services to that list. The app is $1.49 but has a free trial that is fully functional for 10 days.


  • Multi account support.
  • Supports Dropbox and SkyDrive.
  • Unified view or seperate views for each drive.
  • Copy or move files within a drive or across drives.
  • Upload or download supported file types.
  • Share files and folder easily in emails, text messages or through social media.
  • Pin drives, folders and files to the start screen for fast access.
  • Live tiles show updated status.
  • Cached index enables fast search, also on SkyDrive.

From the Developer:

UniFiles unifies your cloud drives, so now you only need one app to browse and manage your files in the cloud. You no longer have to remember which drive you put that important file on – you can always find it in UniFiles. Currently SkyDrive and Dropbox are supported, but more will be added soon.

Apart from offering a unique unified view of your cloud storage, UniFiles also supports several drives of each type. Searching for files and folders on all drives, including on SkyDrives, is fast and easy. SkyDrive does not allow searching directly on the server, so UniFiles enables search on SkyDrives by maintaining an cached index. You can also easily copy and move files from one drive to another.

Other features offered include:

  • Copy, move, rename and delete actions for files and folders
  • Send links to share files and folders through mail, text messages or social networks
  • Pin drives, folders and files to the start screen for direct access.
  • Live tiles showing updated info on your drives and pinned items
  • Upload/download/edit supported file types from/to your Windows phone


Try for Free – Buy for $1.49

App Info:
Unify your cloud storage with UniFiles.

Now you only need one app to access your files on all your Dropboxes and SkyDrives (more cloud storage solutions will be added soon).

The trial version is fully functional for 10 days.
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