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Nokia’s Damian Dinning Sets the Record Straight on Pureview (Compares Lumia 920 to 808)

September 8, 2012 1 Comment

Damian Dinning from Nokia, better known to tons of you as @PhoneDaz on Twitter, has set the record straight on Pureview and the differences in the Nokia 808 and new Lumia 920. He went through a long list of key points that really give you an inside look as to what to expect from the Lumia 920.‏


Damian Dinning – @PhoneDaz

Received lots of questions this week re #PureView #808 vs #920. Going to need to do this over a number of tweets, here goes…

  1. in situations where camera movement is not an issue #808 will provide more detailed images with less noise due to oversampling…    where camera movement is evident for either stills (typically low light) or videos #920 will be better due to OIS
  2. In low light if devices are handheld and used in auto #920 will be better due to OIS – no blur and brighter images. if #808 is used in night mode or manual ISO allowing speeds to 2.7secs and supported it will provide better images due to oversampling
  3. In video, for most people, due to OIS you’ll get smoother looking videos with #920 #808 however in video does provide lossless zoom oversampling due to high res sensor
  4. in terms of audio recording, the difference is mono in the #920 vs #808 which is stereo. (the only difference is mono, the HAAC capability and mic is the same as in the #808 )
  5. #808 due to high res sensor has lossless zoom in stills and as already mentioned also in video.
  6. #920 thanks to the new capabilities of the #WP8 platform can use ‘lens’ apps. This allows greater extension of the camera capabilities – you’ll see this at launch with some cool lenses from #Nokia such as Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph, wih more to come in the future  – we’re VERY excited about some of those we have in the pipeline 🙂

I think that covers the main differences people are interested in. Note: These are based on launch SW and are intended as a general summary

Note….and that actual side by side comparisons of course will be required to see specific differences important to you personally.

As a summary, #PureView is industry leading imaging technology designed to make a real difference


There you have it, from the answers above it sounds to me like the Lumia 920 is a better pureview for ‘consumer’ use while folks with tripods and such who are a little more serious in their picture taking will prefer the Nokia 808’s camera.




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