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My Thoughts on Microsoft Surface Pricing and the Possibility of the B&N Nook RT

August 15, 2012 No Comments

Earlier this week we shared a rumor from Engadget about the Microsoft Surface RT costing only $199. Even though at that price point, demand and sales would go through the roof… I have my doubts on whether or not Microsoft would price so aggressively – especially with OEM’s to think about. Although, if Microsoft wants to make a huge statement with the Surface, they might be bold enough to pull it off.

No matter what happens though, Microsoft needs to offer a Windows RT tablet at a cost that it will compete with the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7.

Nook RT?

If Microsoft chooses not to offer the Surface at $199, how will they tackle the ever growing list of cheap Android tablets? One little partnership that we all seem to forget about is the one Microsoft made with Barnes and Noble. Remember that Microsoft and B&N are now partners in everything digital that B&N offers. Quite frankly, Microsoft could be cooking something on the e-reader side that can be priced at $199 without having any negative side effects from the likes of Acer, Asus and others.

Why Nook RT is a good idea

The nook is already an established name in the e-reader world and a Windows RT version would not only splash new life into the platform but give Microsoft the opportunity to compete at a really low price pointl.

If they do, Microsoft’s Windows 8 offerings could look something like this

  • Barnes & Nobles Nook RT      = $199
  • Microsoft Surface RT               = $399 (starting)
  • Microsoft Surface Win8           = $599 (starting)

Thoughts? Do you think there is a Nook RT in our near future? If the Surface isn’t $199 like it was rumored, would this setup work for your wallet? Would you buy a Nook RT for $199?

Let us know…


image source: znet

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