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SkyDrive as Data Backup for Windows Phone Frowned Upon but Won’t Get App Pulled

July 26, 2012 1 Comment

Things got a bit tense recently as a member of the Microsoft Skydrive Team announced that developers using ones Skydrive for data backup was frowned upon and it would result in getting their app pulled from the marketplace.

Mark Chamberlain from Microsoft writes:

“SkyDrive is not intended to be a free backup solution for applications. Any attempts to use it as such is outside of the intended use of the service and the restrictions present in the API are intended to reinforce this. Any apps that do this are at risk of being rejected from Marketplace, or pulled from Marketplace at a later time.

The goal of the policy is to avoid the scenario whereby a user’s personal cloud storage doesn’t end up overwhelmed with a collection of non-human readable content, that is the equivalent of computer files such as INI and XML config files.”

I can understand the concern as I would hate to see my Skydrive get cluttered with app files that make no sense without extra software. I would love it however if there was a designated folder that was used for this certain type of thing. The folder would be hidden unless your looking for it on Skydrive.com if you want to go through things and maunually clean up. It be great not to have to start over a game just because I switched devices.

The public and developers for that matter were outraged by Mark’s remarks. Soon after however Dare Obasanjo who is the Senior Program Manager Lead, Live Platform Services group at Microsoft recently tweeted that they don’t recommend developers doing that but it wouldn’t get their apps pulled.

Justin Angel, Principal Engineer for Windows Phone experience at Nokia, also added to the mix by stating that

“As SkyDrive API usage is not part of the Application Certification Guidelines I resent that team threatening app developers with expulsion from the marketplace for misuse of their API.”

So there you have it, developers using Skydrive is frowned upon but it won’t get your app pulled from the marketplace.


Source: MSDN, WMPU 


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