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Xbox Live on Windows Phone: We Need a Halo

July 19, 2012 7 Comments

Microsoft is banking big on Metro (inspired by Windows Phone) as it marches forward with its plans to integrate all its’ services better with the introduction of Windows 8. Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows Phone, will be updated as well this fall with Windows Phone 8. Here I believe Microsoft has an opportunity to really transform WP into a true mobile gateway to all of Microsoft’s services. Don’t get me wrong, Windows Phone already handles Office, Zune (soon to be Xbox Music) and others really well but the same cannot be said for its Xbox brand. The two couldn’t be more different and are worlds apart.

A little History Lesson

It was 2001 when the original Xbox landed in stores and marked Microsoft’s first step into the console war with Nintendo and Sony. It didn’t take first nor second place for that matter but it did leave its’ mark with Halo and the start of online gaming with Xbox Live. Those two things changed gaming forever and took Microsoft’s Xbox to new heights as the Xbox 360 took the original Xbox’s place in 2005.

Xbox Live on Windows Phone

The new Xbox Live games (except for games like Chickens Can’t Fly, Mush and others)  are games that have come out for other platforms years ago. I am not saying that Microsoft shouldn’t publish them, they are playing catch up on the apps side and need to continue adding apps and games that are already are popular on IOS and Android. What it needs to do is to build and push its exclusive apps and games. They need to further promote and invest in the exclusive games they already have and develop from the HUGE library of games and IP they have acquired over the years.

This leads me to the obvious, where is Halo?!

Halo and its’ ultimate hero, Master Chief, helped cement Xbox and First Person Shooters into the mainstream back in 2004 (Halo 2) with the help of Xbox Live’s multi-player. Since 2001 when Halo first launched, it has been a staple in gaming and the Xbox brand in particular. Windows Phone launched back in late 2010 and since then we have yet to see the game on our Microsoft smartphone devices with Xbox Live. That is insane to think that Halo, starring its 7-foot alien killing machine and Microsoft’s most prized IP in gaming has yet to make an appearance. All we have is a pretty cool app called Halo waypoint which shows us our stats and even touts a feature (ATLAS) that presents the map on your phone while you play. Even that is a problem, as it is even available on the IOS app store. Microsoft’s upcoming smartglass looks to add to features like that for all Xbox games but will be available on all other platforms as well.

We need Halo

There is no doubt in my mind that Halo is needed and it would lead the charge for other exclusive games being offered on the platform. That is why Microsoft cannot miss the opportunity this fall to finally launch Halo on its mobile OS. Can you imagine all the promo surrounding Halo 4 come this fall and to be able to say that a version or extra game is also available on Windows Phone? When Halo 3 launched on September 25, 2007, it saw advertising and promotion of monumental proportunes, it even got its own brand of soda thanks to Mountain Dew. Microsoft cannot and should not miss out and should bring as many of its services along for the ride.

Halo on Windows Phone 8?

In my humble opinion, this is a no-brainer for the company. While showing off some of Windows Phone 8 for the first time last month, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 will support things like native code and multi-core processors. All the pieces are finally in place for Halo’s arrival and I can’t imagine a better time for Master Chief to finally land on Windows Phone.

The ball skull is on your court Microsoft.

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  • http://twitter.com/Ryanb58 Taylor Brazelton

    I majorly agree with this post! We need HALO for Windows Phone :D! it’d be amazing. but I don’t want some dumb downed version of it.. I want the full thing.. Even an edition like Halo CE for WP would be nice to play with tho.. then include downloadable maps and etc… it’d be perfect!

    • http://twitter.com/MrXBob Mr XBob

      Problem with that is controls. Touch screen first person shooters are awful.

      And this is the reason Microsoft haven’t done a Halo game on Windows Phones yet – the only way the fans would “approve” is if it was a first person shooter, but they know that a first person shooter on a phone would be so clumsy and would soil the great Halo brand, and insult the fans at the same time.

      • http://post404.com/ Randall “texrat” Arnold

        A little creativity can solve almost anything.

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  • Joe

    They could even make a warthog driving game that would either unlock extras in the full game or give avatar unlockables etc.
    Either way it would give extra reason to go down the windows phone route, they could do this on lots of MS ip titles

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