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2.0 Studios Launch CraftWorld Beta (Frequent Updates)

June 17, 2012 1 Comment

2.0 Studios, have released another version of their MineCraft clone, CraftWorld. This game is a a beta version that will remain open indefinitely so that the developers can continually test out new features. The CraftWorld beta is another free ad supported version of the game. This is the perfect opportunity for CraftWorld lovers to get a firstlook at the newest features of the game while helping to improve the gameplay experience.

15 June 2011, begin your adventures in the deserts, plains and tundras of CraftWorld BETA by constructing anything you can imagine from the very earth beneath you. Fend off the free hugs of the un-dead with bronze sword or longbow from the parapets of your creations. Pork harvesting, Adamantium smashing and many paged items must all be crafted to ensure your survival in this lush world.

CraftWorld is an ambitious and technically impressive title with much more features to be added through frequent updates. These updates are provided frequently, and free of charge.

Rich and living worlds:

From the highest peaks to the deepest caves, life abounds and provides the player with much to explore and use. Farming sheep that regrow wool from eating grass provides a more passive experience. Meanwhile more bloodthirsty players can take an Adamantium axe against behemoth named monsters such as “Deathstench the Undying”.

Deep and varied crafting:

Smelt together copper nuggets and iron ore to produce Bronze then chop down trees to create the planks, sticks or timber to complete a warm home or fashion useful rake. Books filled with pages of information provide guidance, while magical artefacts can stave off the inconvenience of death. Precious tools and weapons may never be lost, so long as clever players make use of the Repair table and repair hammers.

Physics and Graphics:

CraftWorld uses a real-time physics engine to power not just a smooth and accurate player controller but to also bring about otherwise impossible items such as dice, thrown bricks and realistic explosions. High resolution textures that maintain the retro feel of this emerging genre is complimented by bright HDR effects on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

All particles are rendered in full 3D, while the more powerful Xbox and PC versions support Depth of Field, SSAO and advanced blur effects for those with dedicated gaming rigs. CraftWorld’s mobile beginnings also provide a smooth quality experience for those with more humble PCs.


Download for Free

Download For Windows Phone

Game Description:
— Version 2.5 — (BETA, Frequent updates)

Imagine it, build it, create it.

You wake up in an infinite block world. Explore unique and varied biomes, mine for precious metals and minerals, craft useful tools, build villages, cities, monumental constructions and much more.

Place torches to light up your creations and play with the real time physics engine.

Yet more features and creatures are planned for later updates. Purchase now while it is cheap and get all the future updates for free!

We welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas. Participating in this game before it is completed, gives players’ power over what it is becoming.

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