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German Business Week: WP 7.7 Not Apollo for Current Handsets

June 6, 2012 6 Comments

The German Business Week, is claiming that sources from Nokia and Microsoft, have confirmed that current generation Windows Phones will not be upgraded to Apollo (Windows Phone 8). Instead they will be updated with a future upgrade that may be called Windows Phone 7.7.

They stated that ”An update is not technically possible because Windows Mobile 8 uses different chip sets.” They have also stated that a Microsoft manager was quoted as saying: ”If people have the same functions on their smartphones, they do not care what version number the operating system is.”

Would you care what your current Windows Phone devices OS was numbered if it looks and acts like the latest and greatest Windows Phone OS?

Let us know…


via Winfutures.de, WMPU

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  • Thomas

    I would care for sure. I think Microsoft is underestimating the customer. They are not all Mom and Pop style customers who don’t have a clue about tech and also don’t care. This is totally wrong.

    If in two weeks time it turns out that the magazine was well informed, then I am done with WP. My Lumia is not even half a year old and already obsolete? Great, Microsoft if this is true I wish the Kin fate will come across the WP team.

  • John

    Difficult to believe that the Lumia 900 is not even on sale in Germany yet, (due anytime soon), and it will be non-upgradable to the latest Windows 8 after less than 6 months…..I for sure would be mad as hell, as I just bought a Lumia 900 last week in the UK sim free….so laid out a tidy sum of cash. As Thomas says, I will also be done with Windows Phone for good…..not a smart move to leave the people that are helping the Lumia range to gain traction and press behind…….

  • Anonymous

    More ‘sources’ more ‘rumours’, more ‘claims’…No more!

    Let’s wait till June 20 when we should find out before getting all upset.

    “IF” this is true information and “IF” Windows 7.7 would give same capabilities to current devices (excluding of course the hardware specific limitations), I wouldn’t be too bothered.

    Even though I bought a Lumia 900 SIM free outright, I had intention of buying a new gen device once they are released with the improvements I want (i.e. Lumia/Pureview camera, HD screen, NFC capable), anyway.

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