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Quadcore Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Lags Compared to Windows Phone

May 4, 2012 4 Comments

Alot has been made about Windows Phone still running on single-core but until you use Windows Phone, you wont believe just how snappy it is. The newly announced Samsung Galaxy S3 device packed with a quadcore processor is getting a lot of attention but a preview of the device by ubergizmo might lessen the excitement of some Android fans.

In terms of system responsiveness, it is good, but not “groundbreaking” when compared to other fast Android handsets. I think that this is mainly an Android “thing”, so there’s not much that Samsung can do about this. Android 4.0 improved the UI responsiveness by quite a bit, but in my opinion, iOS and Windows Phone are still more responsive to user input.

Ouch! That must really hurt Android fans, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 lags in user responsiveness compared to Windows Phone. High specs are great but its how the OS uses all that power is what is important.


Source: ubergizmo via WMPU



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  • Vincebell

    I agree.  My Samsung Focus is still faster than most Phones out today.  I will only upgrade with WP8 arrives with new phones.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6XAGSMXBCFEPBT4KOGNM3YHKVU D Fey

    First this is complicated by the UI “improvements” made by the manufacturers, so it’s not 100% the fault of Google.  Maybe the vendors should consider removing that stuff as many have been saying all along…

    The rest, however, is purely better programming.  Google concentrates on adding new features and being cheap.  However they have little to no motivation to go back and optimize the code they wrote in the past.  Their bread and butter is “new features”.  So they code it up (messy and slow) and throw it out there and move on.  MS’s and Apple’s coders are just better and really spend time refining their code.

  • Adel

    We all know that windows phone dose not have real multitasking ..this why it dose not need CPU power just like ios .. btw you have an option to disable multitasking on ICS ..it’s in the developer ooption in settings ..it basicly kills any app once you exit from it .. WP is good ..can’t wait for WP8 on Samsung device ..something like S3 level

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