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Microsoft & Nokia to Pick Up RIM? Blackberry to Run Windows Phone?

April 2, 2012 1 Comment

Rumors are swirling around again that Microsoft, Nokia or both might snap up the struggling RIM. The makers of the once popular Blackberry had another dismal quarter and again the rumors are spreading of a buyout with Microsoft or Nokia being the companies that folks are guessing would be the only companies that would pick up the Blackberry.

Things are going so bad at RIM right now that signs are pointing to Blackberry even running the Windows Phone OS instead of a buyout. Tough times lie ahead for RIM and them making hardware for Windows Phone would be an interesting thought. Although I think at this point, it would do little to help Windows Phone as Blackberry is already becoming just a thing of the past.

Only time will telll what steps RIM will be taking next but at this point any move is better than what they are doing right now.


Source: WSJ, mobot.net  Thanks Zain for the tip!


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