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‘Zombies Ate My City’ Attacks the Windows Phone Marketplace

March 9, 2012 1 Comment

‘Zombies Ate My City’ finally here! The game that we first announced that needed people dressed up as Zombies to be used as extras is now available on Windows Phone.

Check it out!!!

VIA MyKindofPhone

We caught up with Ali, Co-Creator and Programmer of the app to explain more:

“It was important to us to take advantage of Windows Phone’s software, weaving the game’s storyline around the capabilities of the platform.  Windows Phone is perfect for us because all the phones out there have the same capabilities.

“One of the things we will be doing in the Summer is building out a web based app, built on Bing maps, that will allow users to unlock new locations, such as landmarks, for Windows Phone players to then discover and defend.  We want to make the experience as transmedia as possible, where we tell different parts of the story on different platforms in different ways.”

Co-creater and Writer Ari also adds:

“So many transmedia style /location based games have involved very dramatic or serious narratives so it was great to be able to write something that was purposefully funny for the medium.

Part of our ethos at Chaos Created for Ali and I is that whatever we create for Windows Phone will always be narrative driven, feature live action video and have a twist on the traditional game element, whatever that might be.

With both ZAMC and Timedancer, it has always been about building the experience from the ground up as natively transmedia.”


Free to Download

Download For Windows Phone

Game Info:
Zombies Ate My City is a new location based game for Windows Phone that builds a gameplay experience around YOUR location.

You’ll experience a thrilling and entertaining story where you will be set missions from a somewhat crazy professor from the future who needs your help to prevent an impending zombie invasion from happening.

You will need to follow his instructions, leading you to actual physical locations in your town or city to fight off the increasingly more challenging zombie hordes and collect pieces of a mysterious time machine. There are also other elements for you to discover such as weapons to help fight off the zombies and diary entries.

Packed with achievements, points, hidden collectables and combined with live action video and gameplay, Zombies Ate My City is a unique app and it’s only on Windows Phone.



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