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Spiritual: Fun Story Driven Game for Windows Phone

March 8, 2012 1 Comment

Here is a fun game you can try on your Windows Phone…

From the Developer:

Spiritual is a story rich adventure game with some puzzle elements. The protagonist of the game is Wisp, a nature spirit who gets banished into a plane of swamp and mazes as a punishment for slacking off from his divine duties. Player’s mission is to guide Wisp through 15 different (some are randomly generated) levels and reach the Bridge to the next plane. Player can also collect an artifact piece from each level to unravel the story of the Planar Compass.

Gameplay wise the game is rather simple; in every level player has to collect 1-3 fireflies and then find his or her way to the exit. Collecting the artifact piece is optional. The maze is constantly changing in the randomly generated levels, but stagnant in puzzle levels. Player can navigate through the maze by using either virtual joystick (default) or accelerometer (can be activated from Options menu). Starting from level 3 player can collect mana, which allows the use of Abilities. First ability makes it possible to move entire row of tiles by swiping up, down, left or right. The second ability is used with the same gesture, but instead of moving the tiles, it teleports to the next free tile. It becomes available in the later level when player collects blue mana.

Spiritual was originally made for Ludum Dare 21 game jam, and it was voted to have the best graphics, second best audio and third best innovation in the jam category. It was soon decided that the game had enough potential to be finished and published. The game is developed by Team Jolly Roger.

More levels will be added later, and it’s likely player will also have more artifacts to collect.

Trial includes the first five levels.

Free Trial/ $0.99 to purchase full game

Download For Windows Phone

Game Info:
Spiritual is a story rich game about a mischevious Wisp, a nature spirit who is banished into a world of swamp and mazes as a punishment for slacking off from his divine duties.

Now his world has been replaced with something filled with intriguing, but dangerous things. Can you guide the Wisp through it all and unravel the story of the Planar Compass?

Spiritual supports intuitive accelerometer control.

More everything to come in the next chapter!


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