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New ‘Tango’ Details Emerge

February 15, 2012 1 Comment

New details about the Windows Phone update for have emerged from a the russian site WP7Forum.ru. Usually I would stick a huge rumor sticker on this post but there are also tons of images to compliment the information.

To try and break up this information as best as possible, lets break this up into pros and cons.


  • support many new countries
  • automatically download and update apps via Zune
  • pre-installed applications for 16 to 40
  • SIM card management
  • multiple attachments to one MMS message


  • 256mb memory
  • podcasts not be manageable from the device
  • some application will not install due to low 256mb memory
  • video streams lower than 4 MBs and encoding of H.264 v2 will only be supported
  • Camera as low as 3MP
  • No auto upload to Skydrive
  • Some 3rd party Live Tiles wont update automatically

Obviously Tango will be perfect for developing countries and for very low entry devices.

What do you guys think?


Source:  WP7Forum.ru via WMPU


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  • Anonymous

    Target price ? 70 €/$ ? What are they waiting for ???

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