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Exclusive: Interview with Sickhead Game Developers, creators of “ARMED!”

January 4, 2012 5 Comments

ARMED! is a game that has been simply held as the best of 2011. If you have been raised by wolfs or have recently lived under a rock, this game might be news to you.If you are still reading this, please go here and catch up(ketchup) mustard.

To all those aware of the tasty awesome sauce that is ARMED! here is a revealing interview that shares in detail some of the new features and plans for the Sickhead Devolping Team. Please enjoy!


MBGW: To begin, there have been multitudes of questions asked and so many that you have already answered.Rather it be from competing sites forums or simply YouTube,you have made it very clear that you hear the prays of your people and do respond back. My first question is simply what major improvements will come from hearing the views of  the players and when will they be available?

SHG: We were caught off guard with the overnight popularity of ARMED! and while we did have some great ideas for new features, game play, and levels nothing was planned out in detail.  The feedback we’ve gotten from the community has been fantastic and it has helped us focus our roadmap.

The first priority was shipping the 1.1 version.  That will be on the marketplace this week and was mainly aimed at fixing the issues many were having in non-English regions as well as other bugs and small omissions.

Next up is the 1.2 release which will mostly bring Mango features as well as some balance and gameplay fixes.  After that it will be 1.3 which will bring new levels and gameplay.  We expect to ship both of these within the next few months.

 MBGW:Cool freaking beans!cant wait for that. My second question, is what was the driving force around making a game such as this and will an Xbox arcade/indie port or PC port  be in the future for cross platform playability?

SHG: When we saw Windows Phone 7 it seemed like a good opportunity for us.  It was a device with some dependable minimum specs, a new marketplace that wasn’t as crowded as other mobile devices, and fit our skill set pretty well.  We then just built a game that we would have liked to see on the platform.

With Xbox the main technical issue is that Xbox Live Indie Games only allows communication between other Xbox consoles… so Xbox players could never play WP7 players which would really suck.  The second concern is that aside from a few exceptions XBLIG has not been known for being that profitable to developers.  So while we’re not sure about Xbox now, we’re also not counting it out.

A PC version is alot more feasible and could be quick to develop.  We’ll have more to say about that in the next month or two.


MBGW: Awesome.Silly question, but one I know alot of players will ask.A PC version could be just as cool though..So just what major steps have you done in getting this game out to the public? Alot seem to know about it, but alot more just haven’t had the time to pick it up.

SGH: We really have not done too much to publicise this game.  We planned on a soft roll out to give us time to address the bugs that we felt were inevitable to crop up.  The news got out quick all on its own.

its our Twitter (http://twitter.com/ArmedGame) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ArmedGame) pages that do most of our PR along with our FAQ (http://www.armedgame.com/faq) and chatting with fans on the various forums we come across and articles like this one.


MBGW: Cool, you guys are pulling thee ol Microsoft Windows Phone Strategy with that.Haha,Its a good move though, and one that will workout for you in the end.. How long did it take you guys to complete the project and at what cost Right now
SGH: Agreed haha..ARMED! was born around March of 2010 with a simple 2D prototype done in a matter of days by one of our programmers, James Ford.  It then sat on the back burner till December when we really started to work on it in force.So in total I would say it was like a one year project with lots of wrong turns and distractions from other contract jobs.

MBGW: I see, Well its great that you guys finally buckled down to pull off this more then amazing addition to the Windows Phone Marketplace! I just had one finally question before I let you go..What other new projects are being worked on for the windows phone and when will we  be able to see/test them out for quality control purposes?a chuckle, chuckle..hehe :D.

SGH: We have talked about doing a simpler more casual game this year, but its gonna be hard to find the time with as much as we want to do with ARMED! on WP7 and other platforms.  There are alot of ideas on where to take the game this year that i’m sure the fans will love.


MBGW: Ok sounds great!..Thank you for you time, and we will be looking for future updates and possible new games coming from you guys in the the near future!



I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? 🙂

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