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Age of Zombies Confirmed! – 3 New Xbox LIVE Games Revealed: Bullet Asylum, geoDefense Swarm, Tamagotchi

January 2, 2012 2 Comments

Most of the time you have to go digging to find news or at least uncover Xbox Live games that will be coming to Windows Phone in the future. Sometimes though it is as easy as bumping into new games on Xbox.com as it is listed a bit early. 4 new games have uncovered on Xbox.com which means that they should be released relatively soon.


Age of Zombies – Developed by Halfbrick the creators Fruit Ninja. We actually uncovered that this game would actually be coming out on Windows Phone months ago in our interview with Halfbrick. We even posted about it again later on making sure everyone understood the connection.

Welcome to Age of Zombies, where the wisecracking hero Barry Steakfries employs the use of time portals to stop the evil zombie scheme of Professor Brains. Using a huge pile of weapons and explosives, Steakfries is the real deal for blood-splattering needs.

Bullet Asylum – From UberGeekGames

BulletAsylum is a new spin on the classic defend-the-city-from-meteors genre. Simply touch the screen on a WP7 device, or push the thumbstick on the Xbox 360 to create a literal fireworks show out of your enemies with an impenetrable wall of firepower. Instantly purchase new towers and cities without breaking up the action. Split your fire in two directions by touching the screen in two places or using the right thumbstick. Unleash the screen-clearing Overdrive when you’re in a tight spot.

Coming soon to Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE!


geoDefense Swarm – I just love geoDefense so its great to hear that their follow up Swarm will be on Windows Phone as well.

With 30 levels evenly spread across three degrees of difficulty, geoDefense Swarm threatens to consume every waking moment of gamers everywhere as the new game will tax both their reflexes and strategic thinking yet again.


Tamagotchi – Not exactly sure whats going on here but we can kind of guess where this one is going. Here is a trailor from one of the same titled games on IOS


Source: Xbox via wpcentral



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  • http://twitter.com/frank_reis Frank Reis Oliveira

    really? have we been waitting for about 2 years to get our hands on this crappy games. because if microsoft needs 2 years to release this kind of low standard games, i might as well start thinking about changing to android  nokia or get an iphone, at least they release games like this everyday for free in their respective marketplaces. is it just me or this are low standard games? we are used to hd games with 3d graphics and microsoft is trying to blind us with this shitty apps. take a reak lokk at the market place. i’m not a nokia, apple or google fanboy, however i see free apps in their marketplaces that surpass, by far, the quality of wp7 marketplace paid apps. what gives microsoft. wasnt windows phone supposed to be revolutionary. i love the ui, its by far the best out there, although there are some gaps to fill, but your marketplace is a disgracefull shame. publicity stunts, replicas of official apps, and a few games that are worthwhile lost in a sea of useless ones. why don’t you restrict marketplace in terms of quality standards. common some apps are uggly has hell. i rather have phew but really good, than lots of junk in the trunk. i’m not sure how does microsoft intend to incrase sales over pre established os’s from symbian, google and apple, when they don’t understand that they need to give us the same apps and quality games that they provide to their customers

    • Acekidder

      symbian is already dead my friend and blackberry is dying out too the fact that wp7.5 has become third placed runner in such a short time is a great feat considering the ios public mindset apple have a good rep if not the best os and there is no doubting wp7’s easy of use and beautiful os. Microsoft have a huge hill to climb but i think with the right marketing and continued evolution of the platform if will become a real contender. Btw you do know Nokia is now in partnership with microsoft and make windows phone handsets dropping their outdated terrible os symbian like a bad stepchild??  

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