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ARMED! New First Sci-fi turn-based multi-player strategy game out now!!!

December 24, 2011 No Comments

WOW! oh boy gee willikers is all I have to say about this one!…ok eh em. Let me rephrase in a more tranquil way. If Jesus were to play any game on the WP7, It would be this one.Period..

ARMED! is a sci-fi turn-based multi-player strategy game for Windows Phone, and quite frankly one of the best I’ve ever seen on any OS. Created by indie studio, Sickhead Games as part RTS, part tabletop strategy, ARMED! puts you in command of a fleet of futuristic tanks, turrets, and robots with one goal: infiltrate enemy territory, crush their forces, and destroy their headquarters.

This game does not only fair well as a single player game where you must  battle the AI in single player mode, but ALSO(yes I am shouting) with this game we are now able to play ranked head-to-head games against online opponents or challenge friends to a correspondence game.

Check out more details and game-play video below, and if your still not convinced, try the game out for yourself. This fun can all be yours for the low low cost of 3.99! now in the Marketplace…The only question I have left is why inst this one an Xbox live title?- MBGW


■ Five maps with unique artwork and tactical terrain features.
■ 12 offensive and defensive units to command into battle.
■ Over 50 unit upgrades and special attacks to help turn the tide.
■ Simultaneous turn online multiplayer with ratings and matchmaking.
■ Play custom correspondence matches against friends.
■ Step by step tutorial that gets you right into the game.
■ Tile updates with turn notifications.
■ Track your rankings on the real time leaderboards.
■ Scoreloop integration with photo profiles.
■ Ad supported trial with free online multiplayer.

Available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Download For Windows Phone



I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? :-)

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