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What is Microsoft Doing? Why is Kinectimals Available on iPhone & iPad?

December 15, 2011 11 Comments

You might read the title of this post and think to yourself that I will be telling you the answer to – Why is Kinectimals Available on iPhone & iPad? Why is Microsoft giving away Windows Phone exclusives?

I apoligize but I do not have the answers as this is just a quick rant. It’s something I just don’t understand since Microsoft is a huge company and not hard up for any cash. There isn’t any reason why any Windows Phone user should see this:

It is enough that OneNote, Halo Waypoint among others are making their way onto

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  • http://twitter.com/mbiebusch Marc Biebusch

    Fun fact: Kinectimals for WP7 is in Germany more expansive than Kinectimals for iOS (2,39 EUR – 2,99 EUR)

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      *sigh* thats rough…

    • Glim12808

      i’m a new convert to WP7 from Android, via HTC Radar. That doesn’t make sense to me! It’s bad enough that Microsoft is porting xbox Live games to iOS, but to actually make them cheaper compared to the home turf! Yes, “What is Microsoft doing?”!!!

  • http://davepermen.net davepermen

    Most likely they try reverse lock in to get customers. Google and Apple try more and more to not support anything not from them to make the customer locked in. Microsoft tries to do the reverse to make sure even apple lockins and google lockins can still use and like stuff from them.

    I like their behaviour. I hate the behaviour of apple and google. I see it as very positive.

    btw: i don’t own or use any apple or google device and nearly no apple or google service.. and i’m still happy to know i can promote stuff from microsoft to friends who are all for one of the enemies.

    microsoft really has to get a better image back, and they can’t do without expanding over to other platforms.

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      Good Point!

      I can see that but they also need to make sure that they keep some things to themselves.

      Kinectimals is an Xbox game and it should stay on Xbox systems..

      • http://davepermen.net davepermen

        i see that. but well, it now isn’t anymore. and i can understand that, too. lots of xbox users with iphones out there (or ipods, for that matter.. kinectimals is for youngsters, too). it’s nice for them to have it, too.

        it should be less expensive on wp7, though.. not more expensive (as it is right now, here in switzerland)

  • Anonymous

    just check ewen spence’s column on allaboutwindowsphone.com (sorry for the link) he’s got some insights there on why this is happening

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13


      I can understand that but it’s not the same when we are talking Xbox Live games.

      Even though I don’t like it, I see why Bing, onenote, etc. are being published on IOS but Xbox Live games should be kept on Microsoft platforms.

      Just my 2 cents… 

      • Anonymous

        While I understand what your are saying. MS isn’t stupid. They know that there is a real chance that people who use Apple’s devices could abandon and have no need for MS’s services. It is an attempt to make money off your competitor’s platform to make sure that you don’t alienate a large group of the population that might enjoy Xbox games but are locked in or prefer another mobile platform.

        • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

          Understood and thats why I understand things like Skydrive, Onenote, etc. getting an IOS version but anything Xbox should not.

          The Xbox brand was built on exclusives

          • Anonymous

            iOS, and mobile in general are poised to make console gaming into a niche market or obsolete. Think about the number of people who now do most if not all of their games on a mobile device (phone or tablet). The market is disproportionate, it would be wise for MSFT to make in-roads there. With tablets now getting HD resolutions and quad-cores and being refreshed seemingly every second their capabilities will surpass those of consoles.

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