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Craft World 0.5 Lands on Windows Phone (Minecraft Clone)

December 14, 2011 No Comments

We were the first to announce (the very well received) Survivalcraft on the Windows Phone and now we bring you another minecraft type game called Craft World.

Craft World, developed by 2.0 Studios was just released on to the Windows Phone marketplace and it is still under heavy development and will also be coming to Xbox 360 as an indie game.  It costs $1.49 on the marketplace and all future updates will be free. Here is a list of features that will be rolling out soon under weekly updates

  • Weight based inventory, with items taking up multiple spaces and have weight (think Diablo and Skyrim)
  • Magic, spells and potions along with magical items like bags of holding etc…
  • Smelting system for making alloys for vehicles etc…
  • Brewery system for making wines, beers and spirits
  • Realtime 3D physics (this has been temporarily turned off as we tune it)
  • HD Graphics mode. Refractive water, bloom, shadows, motion blur, depth of field, godrays etc…
  • SD Graphics mode, for low end PC’s, netbooks, portables and phones but still with lighting and ambient occlusion
  • XP based RPG system (survival mode only), and improves what you do without forcing you to use weak skills to improve them
  • Convenient and easy to use tutorial system, that caters directly and quickly to what the player wants to know from within the game, without getting in the way
  • More Fauna and Enemies
  • Basic furniture, such as a bed, door, window, bench, trapdoor
  • Statistics accessible by the player stats book
  • Craftable camera so you can take pictures and share them with friends and place them all around your world
  • Paintings for you to place around your world.
  • Armour and Weapons
  • Repair Hammers
  • Smelter and Oven for cooking
  • Multiplayer
  • Farming
  • Towns and castle
  • There is also going to be a free ad supported version releasing soon.

Note From Developer
It is a large, ambitious project that seeks to evolve into an RPG with a similar depth and levelling systems to the older fallout and diablo games from the 90’s.

Free to try – $1.49 to buy

Download For Windows Phone

Game Info:
2.0 Studios brings you CraftWorld, a first person survival sandbox adventure where every block of terrain is not only editable by the player, but can be used in crafting useful items.

CraftWorld is an actively developed indie game, with incoming updates to support its eventual expansion into a truly unique multiplayer high fantasy RPG. Valleys, oceans, mountains, plains, rivers and more are procedurally generated for you to explore and build upon. In future, not only will the terrain be yours to change and develop, but even yourself as the centre of your own portable universe.
Craft tools such shovels, Rakes, chests and more in this first v0.5 release, after you are dropped into this mysterious never ending world with only a magical artefact and a book to help you.

CraftWorld is to be released in three chapters during the course of its active life. In addition, CraftWorld will soon be available on Windows PC and Xbox 360. This first WP7 release is to ensure CraftWorld is a lean, optimized beast ready to immerse you whether you build your doom fortresses while you ride the train to work, or mock up your dream house from the comfort of your couch. With each new release, the price will be increased to support further development, and provide a reward for early adopters of this latest BlockWorld genre game.

It is a truly infinitely generated world built using 3D technology to create caves, cliffs, arches and natural spires. We welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas.
Participating in a game before it is complete, gives you, the player power over what it will become.


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