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Married Windows Phone Developers Create Kid Friendly WP7 Site for Parents

November 8, 2011 No Comments

Being a parent of two awesome kids as well, I can appreciate a site that is just specific to parents and kids. Today, WindowsPhoneParent.com has launched, a site completely dedicated to Windows Phone apps for parents and kids. The site was created by Sandra Sears & her husband who just happen to be dedicated Windows Phone developers themselves.

Press Release

WindowsPhoneParent.com, First Ever Review Site for Kids’ Apps on Windows Phone, Launches Today

Miami, Fla. (November 8, 2011) – As the popularity of handheld devices such as electronic tablets and smartphones continues to grow, so too does the number of apps (short for “applications”) that are being created for these devices. And as many parents are quickly discovering, not all of these apps are suitable for children. But a new website, the first of its kind for Windows Phone, aims to help them safely navigate these electronic waters.

WindowsPhoneParent.com, an app review website geared toward parents, launches today and provides an insider’s look at the apps available that are not only safe for children of all ages, but educational and fun as well.

The site was created by Sandra and Patrick Sears, a tech-savvy couple who are not only Windows Phone app developers and enthusiasts but parents of two children as well. They bring a unique perspective to a consumer area that has been largely ignored during the recent technology boom. WindowsPhoneParent.com is the only site dedicated to reviewing Windows Phone 7 applications from a family perspective. Adults who visit WindowsPhoneParent.com will find a wealth of information about the latest apps and information that answers nearly every question they may have regarding the use and usefulness of the apps available for children.

At WindowsPhoneParent.com, parents, teachers and anyone else involved in the education of children will find useful information such as how each app works, its appropriateness for various age groups, the apps’ pros and cons and how the skills learned from each app can be used by the child once the device is shut off.

“The main goal for Windows Phone Parent.com is to provide other parents with an opportunity to learn about Windows Phone applications that will enhance their lives and will teach and entertain their children,” said Sandra Sears. “Our site can be a great resource for parents who are looking for quality applications for their children and don’t have the time to try every single kid’s application available in the Marketplace.”

WindowsPhoneParent.com goes beyond merely listing and reviewing apps. The Sears’ have created an entire community for parents that not only lets them communicate with the app developers themselves but also allows them to communicate with other parents via the WindowsPhoneParent.com’s Facebook and Twitter pages. There, parents, educators and even app developers can share best practices for Windows Phone 7 educational applications, discuss ways to use the applications as educational tools and even help parents who become inspired and decide to develop their own

“Our goal is to assist other parents in finding the best applications for themselves and their kids according to their personal goals and life style,” said Sears. “We want to provide all the useful information upfront about as many apps as we find appropriate for our site, so they can make an educated decision when downloading the app. “Furthermore, we want to provide parents with ideas on how to share this technology with their children, beyond just opening the application and
handing it to their child. We thrive on promoting parent and child bonding time; we call it WPParent Moments!”

For more information about WindowsPhoneParent.com, visit their website (http://www.windowsphoneparent.com), their Facebook page
(http://www.facebook.com/WindowsPhoneParent), follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/WPParent) pages or email them at info@windowsphoneparent.com.

About Windows Phone Parent:
Windows Phone parent was created in September of 2011 by Sandra and Patrick Sears, a couple with a technology and education background, with the goal of assisting parents in finding quality entertainment and education apps for Windows Phone 7. Originally envisioned as simple website with a limited number of app reviews, the project expanded into a site that not only offers a large number of app reviews but gives parents suggestions on how to incorporate the apps into their child’s everyday learning experience. The website also includes Facebook and Twitter links that allow parents and educators to communicate with each other as well as with app developers (the Sears have developed several apps themselves). Windows Phone Parent hopes to raise the bar with regards to developing educational applications and give a voice to parents in their development. The Windows Phone Parent website was officially launched on November 8, 2011.

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