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Microsoft Hits 35,000 Apps on Windows Phone Marketplace

October 23, 2011 1 Comment

Late August we were celebrating the Windows Phone marketplace getting to 30,000 apps. Now we are happy to announce that according to wp7applist, we have over 35,000 apps in the marketplace.

Thanks to the awesome developers in the Windows Phone community users like you and me can enjoy over 35,000 apps while just a year ago we had zero.

A few Stats:

  • 35170 apps worldwide
  • 35067 in the USA Marketplace
  • 52% are available for FREE
  • Average price is $1.70.

Source: wp7applist





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  • markiz

    To bad among those 35K there is not a single decent ebook reader (freda is ugly as hell and does not allow pinning a single book as a live tile).

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