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Windows Phone Apollo to Offer a Higher Screen Resolution?

October 19, 2011 3 Comments

We are on Windows Phone Mango (7.5) at the moment. The next big upgrade being Apollo, which is the next version of Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8). @MS_nerd on Twitter, which according to wpcentral, has a history of being right - has ‘spilled the beans’ about the new chassis specifications for the future Windows Phone versions.

  • Chassis 1.5 (“Mango”) – 800×480 Scorpion CPU, front-facing camera, gyroscope
  • Chassis 2 (“Tango”) – 480×320 BlackBerry style design, LTE support
  • Chassis 3 (“Apollo”) – 1280×720 resolution, dual core CPUs

@MS_nerd is stating that Windows Phone 8 will receive a significant boost to their screen resolution. He also noted the Tango update which will NOT be a major update but a minor one for areas like China and India.

Source: wpcentral



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  • Hardik_hrc

    hey hey its little confusing…you saying that tango will be for india,etc, but the screen resolution is downgraded in that..so technically what will happen? new  phone releases for india? or nokia planning to remove symbian from existing devices?

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      Tango will just be an extra option for those countries to help create a new lower pricing point.

      You will still see Windows Phones with the other specs in those countries as well.

  • Anonymous

    Can somebody explain why microsoft is using chassis specifications which use technology at least 12months out of date, and screen technology from 2009?????

    When chassis 1 spec was released, the snapdragon s2 was just being released..which is the processor used today..yet they went with the more older original s1 snapdragon which is weaker in every area and used more power?

    When the chassis 1.5 mango was released this summer they updated the processor to last years s2, even though the duel core s3 were released to manufacturers at the START of this year??..

    I like the design of windows phone 7, and it is amirable that it runs so smooth on low powered hardware..but that it no excuse to use old cheap stuff.

    Android and apple are on another stratophear when it comes to technology, there customers get far better value for money compared to wp7.,
    The nokia n800 lumia has just been anounced, which has been a long time coming..nokias new top of the range and the wp7 flagship….it looks fantastic..but it doesnt even have a front facing camera? it has an inferior camera to last years not exectly groundbreaking n8..its essentially a well designed mid range smartphone at best. yet it is selling for the price of a galaxy sS2!!

    Im a fan of both microsoft and nokia, have been for years but im not going to pay top prices for substandard out of date products…even if they are good looking, and work well.
    Android is using 720p screens, powerfull cortex a9 duel core processors, 4g, powerfull graphics..and this produces not only powerfull hardware and thinner phones but better battery life….even if it is poorly executed and fragmented.

    Come on microkia, get a move on.

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