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Molly Wood’s Verdict on WP7 and Reader’s Reactions to Her Review

August 21, 2011 3 Comments

Brandon Watson has been challenging people to try Windows Phone 7. One such challenge was issued to CNet executive editor Molly Wood. Molly spent two weeks with Windows Phone running the Mango update.

After week one Molly had gripes about the amount of apps that were available to her in the Marketplace because apps that she was accustomed to on Android were not available on WP7. Granted the marketplace still has to grow a substantial amount but there are alternatives to popular apps on other platforms. One app Molly was disappointed about not having on Windows Phone was “Words With Friends”, “Alphajax” and “Spell It” would be two alternatives available on Windows Phone.

On to week two where molly gives her overall opinion on Windows Phone. Molly liked many things about the OS and despite hardware issues over the two weeks praised the beautiful simplicity it has to offer. However she was really unhappy with the speech to text capabitlities of the device. Speech to text is available in the Bing search and texting. Molly was unhappy that speech-to-text wasn’t available throughout the OS since she would benefit from the convenience of using it to compose emails.

Another issue that she had with Windows Phone was the built in turn-by-turn navigation. In order for the device to promt you, you have to tap on the screen. That would be an issue for most who would want to use that feature, though this is possibly due to licensing issues. There are however navigation alternatives available such as GPS voice navigation.

Overall Molly decided that her relationship with Windows Phone was like and not love. She feels that Android is a better fit, so she will return to the OS that caused her to rant and set this chain of events in motion.

I personally have my grievances with Molly’s review. I clearly disagree with many of the things that she said. I think she, as a journalist should have been better prepared for the task at hand. I can go on and on but the WP7 community has already rallied to its’ defense. Here are some of the comments to Molly’s article:










Windows Phone supporters are the best, aren’t they?

Source: Molly Rants


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  • http://www.facebook.com/richeymeister Mark Richey

    I agree with many of the comments to an extent. Particularly, this read like “I hate my ex husband, but you don’t help out with the dishes like he used to.” The reason she was handed the phone was to give it a shot to see what she might find better, and instead, she complained about missing apps that were easily replaceable. To her credit, this really was not a review as such. Hopefully, she will be given a new device with Mango soon to delve into as an actual reviewer…not an impassioned user of the device.

  • Brandon

    here’s what I want the wp7 community to explain to me. I have had an HTC Trophy on VZW since release, presently running the Mango RTM (7720) and am a WP7 developer. my first smartphone ever. However my wife runs a Droid Incredible and I’ve used an iPod touch in the past, so I know how both those platforms work.

    This weekend I was at a sporting event and took some videos. I wanted to take the video, and post it on Twitter or send it to my wife via MMS. Did you know you CANNOT do this on wp7? There’s no upload to youtube, the upload to skydrive doesn’t give you access to a link for the video after uploading (“mobile uploads” folder on skydrive isn’t even SHOWN in the ‘office’ app!)

    This is THE only thing on wp7 that has me horribly, HORRIBLY disappointed and I am really dumbfounded that it’s implemented this way. I just can’t believe it. So I am hoping I am missing something (obvious).

    Please tweet me @bc3tech:disqus if you have any advice. Give it a try for yourself.

    • Anonymous

      iOS is 4 and a half years old now.Android is 3 years old.WP7 is just over 1 year old and needs time to develop and mature. Give it time.  I think Microsoft have created a great platform to build upon.

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