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Windows Phone to Benefit From Google’s Purchase of Motorola (MS and Nokia Stocks Rising From News)

August 15, 2011 No Comments

Google finally makes a move to try and protect the manufacturers the create devices using their Android OS. With the pending purchase of Motorola for 12.5 Billion dollars they gain a much needed hefty amount of mobile patents. It is unclear though at this point if it will be enough to stop lawsuits by companies claiming stake at their intellectual property like Microsoft and Apple.

The biggest issue that Google will have to deal with now are the hardware manufacturers themselves. HTC, Samsung, etc. have replied with very PR type responses like HTC Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung said in a phone interview. “We’re happy that Android is taking steps to strengthen its patent portfolio. It will be beneficial for the whole group, the whole camp.” I honestly do not think things are going to be as simple as that. Android is already an OS that is jam-packed with hardware manufacturers and they are already fighting themselves for a piece of the pie. That is why Motorola was in the position they were in, too much competition from other Android phone makers.



Analysts and the stock market are already taking note of this. Investors and some analysts believe that Google’s announcement could possibly shift some Android manufacturers over to Windows Phone. Microsoft’s stock rose by 1% in early morning trading, while Nokia’s rose by 11% – reflecting stock market opinion. Lee Simpson, an analyst at Jefferies International, had a few comments about the buy out and how it will effect Microsoft/ Nokia. “It might start to put Microsoft into focus as an alternative platform now, which could indirectly benefit Nokia,” said Simpson.

Nokia not missing a beat also issued the following statement:

“This further reinforces our belief that opportunities for the growth of Nokia’s smartphone business will be greatest with Windows Phone. This could prove to be a massive catalyst for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturers.”

This purchase by Google is looking to be a great deal for Microsoft and Nokia. With Google now being in the position to own Motorola, we should see the amount of Windows Phones being produced to significantly increase.


Source: bloomberg, winrumors


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