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How to Get Mango RTM 7720 on Your Device Right Now (Easy)

August 13, 2011 2 Comments

Even Though this is a very simple chain of events to get Mango RTM 7720 on your device, remember that anytime you do things like this there is some risk involved. So be careful and follow directions. Besides Mango RTM 7720 seems to be really close anyway but for those who can’t wait it out here are the easy to follow directions and the link to download Mango RTM 7720 is after the instructions.

  1. Phone with Nodo (7392), 7661 (Beta Developer) or 7712 (Developer Beta Refresh)
  2. Micro-USB cable
  3. PC with at least 20 GB of free disk space on C:
  4. external hard drive or USB flash drive with up to 16 GB of free space
  5. 1.5 – 2 hours


  1. Contents (all subdirectories of this folder) on the local computer, copy, installation and flashing from there please, not the share.
  2. If the Zune software on the PC is not on stand 4.8.2134.0: Zune software install from the PC de-
  3. Zune beta version (4.8.2134.0) from the Zune install directory (StartZuneLocal.exe)
  4. If necessary. and the flashing tool “updatewp” from the folder “update tool” install (right version, 32 – or 64-bit)
  5. Device via USB to the PC
  6. Close Zune software, if it opens
  7. If the phone is to build 7661 or 7712, go to Step 18
  8. In the directory “NoDoToRC” the file “ISV_Provisioning_Live.exe” run as admin (right click, …)
  9. The provisioning tool is now starting to create a backup of the phones. This takes a while.
  10. Then the phone will restart and prepared for communication with a special update server. If necessary. when you restart the PIN number, otherwise it goes no further.
  11. Please close the program only if it appears that everything has gone through.
  12. In the directory “C: \ Users \ <user> \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Mobile Update,” the newly created backup folder is in one of the cryptic name – at the latest by the date of creation. Please feel free to copy folders to a secure location (external hard disk, etc.) and keep safe! (Possibly even make two copies in two places.) Without this backup, there will be no way to bring the phone in the fall on the official update of the OEM.
  13. Now the Zune client (with phone connected) and start looking for updates can.
  14. There is now a first update of 7403 found and installed. Please if you restart the PIN and the phone never separate.
  15. After 7403 the update is seamless to 7712 – the public developer beta.
  16. If everything is to run through
  17. Congratulations, the phone is in 7712, close to RTM. 17th Zune software close.
  18. Now the directory “RCToRTM” to “c: \” copy. Please only there. Thank you.
  19. In the directory “c: \ RCToRTM” and change (if still connected phone) the file “ISVTo7720.bat” run as admin (see above).
  20. Several updates are installed sequentially. The phone may start a few times again. If applicable, please enter the PIN.
  21. If everything went smoothly: Congratulations, the phone is now on RTM!
  22. See if the phone backup is still there … ;-)
  23. Mango and use every show!

You can get a hold of the Mango RTM 7720 here


Source: XDA


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    Didn’t Understand A ****** Word !
    Come On
    Some English Pleaseeee

    • http://wp7connect.com Hyde13

      Sorry – The instructions are from the XDA forums…

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