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Mango Voice to Text the Perfect Car Companion

August 4, 2011 No Comments

We all know why it’s illegal to talk on your cell and drive. It’s even when people text and drive, but there are people who really don’t like to be disconnected with the world.

Lucky for us Voice-to- text is coming with the Mango update this Fall. Voice-to -text will work with your car’s Bluetooth and Car’s sound system to pause music in order to alert you of text messages, read your text messages and allow you to reply to your messages. Here is how a hands free texting session would go courtesy of Microsoft’s Bill Pardi.

WP: [music pauses]You have a text message from Cody Pardi. You can say read it or ignore.
Me: Read it.
WP: “When will you be home?” You can say reply, call or I’m done.
Me: Reply.
WP: Say your message.
Me: “In about 20 minutes.”
WP: [The phone transcribes and repeats the message] You can say send, try again, or I’m done.
Me: Send. [music resumes]

Microsoft has more hands free additions coming to Windows Phone in the fall, including:

  • Making a phone call by name or nickname
  • Redialing a number
  • Calling voicemail
  • Searching Bing
  • Turning on the speakerphone
  • Starting an app while in a call
  • Navigating Maps

When Windows Phone was debuted a lot of key features were needed to make the experience complete. In close to a year the improvements that we know are set to come are immense. Microsoft has come a long way in a short time. We’ve seen some great improvements made and it can only get better.

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