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Developer Works with His Children to Create Angry Monsters

July 6, 2011 2 Comments

Ever played a game and felt that with some tweaking it could be the game of your dreams. That’s what 6 year old Luukas and 10 year old Matias wanted to do. Lucky for them, their dad could help them make that a reality. Their dad, Tero Paananen is a Symbian and Qt developer and used this opportunity to work with his kids to bring their vision to life and to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Matias and Luukas are big fans of Angry Birds and wanted to play a game like it but that featured monsters instead of birds. Tero decided to take on the project amd have his kids create the graphics, the themes and also have them give him input on different aspects of the game.

Angry Monsters is the result of long-running challenge from my two boys: 6-year old Luukas and 10-year old Matias. They know I code for a living, and many evenings I code at home. They keep asking me “Why don’t we make our own game?” What Dad could resist? I found the open source Box2D physics engine for XNA and I decided to give it a try.

Angry Monsters is a work in progress as Tero continues to create the code in his spare time.

The game still needs sounds, exploding enemies, better game play, game over… I have also been asked to implement a QML version of it. It would also be nice to share self-made levels to friends.

Many people blame technology for the decline the amount of time families spend together, this goes to show that there are ways to use it to bring families closer together.

Source: NokiaConversations

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