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Zune HD Apps will be Ported to Windows Phone 7

June 20, 2011 No Comments

More apps for Windows Phone 7 is always a great thing. Paul Thurrott of Windows Phone Secrets recently discovered that Microsoft does plan on porting application from the Zune HD to the Windows Phone Marketplace. A transcription that Thurrott took of the Zune Insider podcast gives a little more information:

“A question I keep getting around apps on Zune [HD] … is, what about porting to Windows Phone?” Zune senior business development manager Dave McLauchlan says. “From Zune HD to Windows Phone, right.”

“There are many thousands of apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace … it’s going gangbusters,” he says, “and not so much on the Zune HD Marketplace. And that’s by design, we designed the system such that we would have a very public, very open marketplace for Windows Phone. But … hey, what about the apps that are on Zune [HD]? We had some very good apps there. When are they coming to Windows Phone?”

“The answer to that question is two-fold,” he continues. “Number one, we actually have some developers that have developed titles for Zune [HD] that aren’t Microsoft employees or aren’t on the Zune team. And those guys are very welcome to go and create apps for Windows Phone any time they like.”

“The apps that we have built internally for Zune [HD], we’re actually looking at porting those over to Windows Phone. Right now, our focus for the app team is, more apps for Zune [HD]. Zune [HD] owners would like to hear that there’s more stuff coming. So that’s definitely the case.”

They are putting value in the hard work it took to make those apps and the fact that they plan to add them to the WP7 Marketplace shows that Zned HD app developers aren’t going to just be brushed aside.

Source: Windows Phone Secrets

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