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Nokia Hopes to Build Hype for First Windows Phone 7 Device

June 20, 2011 1 Comment


Nokia has a great deal riding on the success of their Windows Phone 7 devices due to be released this Fall.  Nokia employees know that their very lively hood could rest on the success of this partnership.

“If we can build the same hype around our first Windows Phone as Apple does about iPhone…”

That’s the hardest part. Building the hype. Most consumers want what they already are familiar with and what Apple does is shove their phones down your throat so much with their misleading commercials that people automatically assume that it’s the best option.



The first step in building that hype that they so strongly need is awareness of your product. Granted there is still a few months before Nokia’s first WP7 device is set to be released but they had better be working diligently on their advertising strategy in the time that they have left.A major flaw in my opinion with the advertising of Windows Phone 7 has been that they don’t advertise enough. Should a great product speak for itself? Absolutely. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Many consumers aren’t educated enough about their intended purchases and want someone to tell them what they should want or what is the best, this is something that Apple has consistently done and that Windows Phone 7 has fallen short on.

Once the product awareness is there and people know what differentiates Nokia WP7 from the likes of Android and iPhone will word of mouth come into play. To put it simply most people aren’t going to simply trust a product that their friends and families don’t.

Nokia and Microsoft will have to tread a long path, but with dedication, I believe that they will win over the drones and hopefully make them realize that there is more out there and that you should weigh your options with looking at what works best for you and not with what the voice in your television says is most innovatice.

Source: Slashgear

Image:  iPhonecruncher



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  • http://twitter.com/SantoTheWriter SantoTheWriter

    “If we can build the same hype around our first Windows Phone as Apple does about iPhone…”
    That is a tall order. There hasn’t been another phone that even comes close to that kind of frenzy.

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