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Evernote Now Available on Windows Phone 7 (Login Bug?) – UPDATE

June 16, 2011 No Comments

I have been anticipating EverNote on Windows Phone for a very long time. This would be the part where I talk about how awesome the app is and how much I love it but I cant. There seems to be an ugly bug that turns the screen completely white as soon as I log in. I am not alone, the marketplace is quickly picking up steam with bad reviews by people with the same issue. Hopefully the good folks at EverNote can resolve the issue.

Until then we can all get teased by the awesome post that EverNote put out today showcasing their EverNote app for WP7.


To get Evernote for Windows Phone 7 working properly, please perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the application
  2. Turn on Wifi and connect to a network
  3. Download & install the Evernote application from the Marketplace

Once you have connected once via Wifi, you will be able to connect via cellular connection from then on.
Currently, we have a bug where on the first launch only, you cannot connect over cellular. We have deployed a fix which should be available shortly. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

– EverNote support


Evernote for Windows Phone 7 lets you save and find your ideas and memories any time, anywhere. As you would expect, it seamlessly syncs with every other version of Evernote you use, but there’s so much more. In fact, this is the most feature-rich debut we’ve ever had. Not only is it packed with capabilities, but it’s also beautiful—taking advantage of the innovative Windows Phone 7 Metro interface and its Pivot panels. And, as always, Evernote for Windows Phone 7 is free and available now from the App Hub.

Interface tour

This version of Evernote is designed from the ground up for Windows Phone 7. Once you’ve signed in and gone through a short initial sync (existing users only), you’ll be greeted with the all new Windows Phone 7 interface that fully embraces the glance and go sensibility of the platform—it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Evernote.

The Home Page

The Evernote Pivot Panels are:

  • Notes: A complete scrollable note list
  • Notebooks: Tap on a notebook to view its contents
  • Tags: Tap on a tag to see all the notes associated with it
  • Recent notes: This list lets you jump to the 20 most recently viewed notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 also displays Notebook Stacks and hierarchical tags.

Application Bar
All screens of the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 app have options in the Application Bar and Application Bar menu that provide additional functionality related to the screen you’re visiting, or expose advanced features. Whenever you see three dots in the Application Bar, tap them to show more options.

Creating new notes

Capturing your memories in Evernote couldn’t be easier. The home pivot application bar includes two options: New Note and Snapshot. Here’s how they work.

New Note
Tapping the New Note button takes you into a blank note screen. Create a title, tap on the pencil icon to select a notebook and tag, then fill in the body of the note. When you’re done, tap on the floppy disk to save.

You can also tap on the camera icon in the application bar to attach a photo to this note, or tap on the cassette icon to record a quick audio attachment. You can attach multiple audio recordings and images to a single note. When you’re done, tap the disk to save.

The Snapshot option on the home panels jumps you straight into the camera. Snap a photo and it attaches to a note. You can then compose a note related to image or just tap save.

Finding notes

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 makes finding your notes a snap. Whether you created your notes on your phone, or in Evernote on your desktop, everything is easy to find. There are a few ways to get to your existing notes. You can browse, search or find them on a map.

Browsing for notes
All of the Pivot Panels are focused on easy browsing of notes. You can either flick through you entire note list or browse by notebooks and tags. Simply swipe across to get to the browsing option you want.

Evernote has some amazing search capabilities to help you find whatever you’re looking for. Tap on the magnifying glass in the application (not the one on your device) to jump to the search interface. Here, you’ll see a search bar and two search screens:

  • Previous Search: This screen shows a list of recent searches that you’ve performed
  • Saved Searches: These are searches that you’ve saved on a desktop or web version of Evernote

Not only does Evernote search the text of your notes, but it also finds printed and handwritten words in images—perfect for finding snapshots of name badges, wine labels, street signs, and just about anything else.

Mapping notes
Evernote for Windows Phone 7 makes full use of Microsoft’s Bing Maps technology to show you where your notes were created. To allow the app to save your location, go to the Location panel in the Settings menu and check off the options. Then, you can view you notes on a map. It’s a great to jog you memory. To view your notes on a map, tap on the three dots in the application bar, then tap on Map. Zoom into a specific area to see the notes created there. Tap on the flags to see a list of notes.


Evernote is all about helping you remember the things that matter to you. As we know, some of the thing you care about are also things worth sharing with your friends. Evernote for Windows Phone 7 lets you easily share you favorite memories with your Facebook friends. To do this, open a note, then tap on the Facebook icon in the application bar. Once you’ve signed into your Facebook account, your note will become visible to all of your friends.

If you prefer to share with specific individuals, you can always tap on the envelope icon to email the note. It’s up to you.


If you’re an Evernote Premium subscriber, then you can download entire notebooks for offline access. By doing so, you’ll always have access to your notes even when a network connection is unavailable. To take your notebooks offline, tap on the application bar dots and choose Settings from the menu. Next, swipe to the Offline Notebooks panel and check off the ones you want offline. Free users can always upgrade from the Account Info page.

In addition, any note that you create on your device or view from your device is stored on the device and is available for offline viewing. This feature applies to all users, Free and Premium.

So much more

These are only some of the things the Evernote for Windows Phone 7 can do for you. We have lots more in store for this great platform. Let us know what you think of our debut and stay tuned for more.

Search for “Evernote” using the Marketplace application on your Windows Phone 7. Publishing to some devices may take a few hours. Check back if it’s not immediately available.

Source: EverNote

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