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Apple’s IOS5 Blatantly Copies WP7 Integrated Viewfinder Too

June 9, 2011 No Comments

Looks like Apple has taken another idea from Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft. Earlier this week we went over all of the new features on Apple’s IOS5 that take a handfull of WP7 features. This time around it doesn;t get anymore blatant than this. Windows Phone’s Integrated Viewfinder that let’s you take pictures and just swipe to see your camera roll is supposdly on its way to IOS5 according to 9-5 Mac. If this is true, this time Microsoft will not be so flattered and might take this to court since they have this technology patented.

It’ll be interesting to see if Apple is really that cocky to implement such an obvious Windows Phone feature while Microsoft holds the patent to it.

Patent Snippet

United States Patent Application 20110119619
Kind Code A1
Fong; Jeffrey Cheng-yao ;   et al. May 19, 2011




A user interface can display active and passive content. For example, a
camera viewfinder image can be displayed on a screen, as part of a strip,
concatenated with one or more other images, for example, images that were
previously taken with the camera. A user can cause the viewfinder image and the
other images to move together across the screen. This can allow a user to easily
examine the other images and the viewfinder image without, for example,
switching between different screens in a user interface. Media captured with a
device can be associated with a media category by positioning a user interface
element near one or more other elements associated with the category.


Inventors: Fong; Jeffrey Cheng-yao; (Seattle, WA)
; Barnett; Donald Allen; (Monroe, WA)
Assignee: Microsoft

Serial No.: 705800
Series Code: 12
Filed: February 15, 2010


Current U.S. Class: 715/784; 715/764
Class at Publication: 715/784; 715/764
International Class:

Source: 9-5 Mac, USPTO

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