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Rumor: Samsung Making Bid for Nokia (Nokia trying to Bring up Price for Microsoft?)

June 8, 2011 No Comments

There is a huge rumor going around that Samsung is interested and attempting to purchase Nokia. Nokia’s stocks have been plummeting as of late and their game plan to jump on board with Windows Phone doesn’t really take off until we get a WP7 Nokia Phoone – hopefully later this year. We heard rumors before about Microsoft purchasing the Mobile giant but this Samsung rumor seems really off to me. Why would Samsung want to purchase Nokia? If this rumor turns out to be true, then what happens to the deal that is already in place with Microsoft?

While the rumor of Microsoft purchasing Nokia for $19 billion didn’t sound right to me. This new Samsung rumor rings less true. Eldar Murtazin added his two cents on this rumor by stating that the rumor was conceived by Nokia themselves to get more cash out of the Microsoft deal.

Where does Eldar get this stuff? I don’t think I have to warn you guys about Eldar’s prophecies but nonetheless, please take this as strictly a rumor at this point.

Source: ZDnet, Twitter

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