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Microsoft: Windows Phone ‘Most Secure’ Smartphone Platform

June 5, 2011 No Comments

There has been tons of bad press surrounding security on smartphones as of late. Especially security surrounding the iPhone and all the Android devices. It is good to know that Windows Phone hasn’t fallen into the category yet. Is it that our install base hasn’t reached a level where they are targeting the smartphone?

Dave Northey, technology evangelist at Microsoft Ireland, doesn’t think it is that however and believes Windows Phone is the “most secure” smartphone platform on the market. While being interviewed by Siliconrepublic.com he had tons of good things to say about the seurity measures that Microsoft has taken surrounding Windows Phone. Northey was quoted in saying…

“We keep applications away from the bones of the OS. When an application fires up, the OS will give it a dynamically allocated security bubble, for lack of a better word, and every app has its own one of those,” said Northey.

“No one application can talk to another and no one application can steal data from another application.

“So every application is completely secure, has its own isolated storage, can encrypt that storage if it likes to and as such, there’s no other smartphone on the market that’s as secure,” said Northey.

That is an interesting take on mobile security and one that seems to be working for Microsoft. The Windows Phone platform was the only one that was not hacked at Pwn2Own. At the event, Apple’s iPhone was cracked in Minutes.

Source: Siliconrepublic.com


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