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Microsoft Netherlands Says Mango Coming Mid-October (Dual-Core Supported)

May 27, 2011 No Comments

Maarten Sonneveld at Microsoft Netherlands recently spoke to Nieuwemobiel.nl and mentioned a few things that maybe shouldn’t of been spoken about. Specifically about when the Windows Phone Mango update should be launching. He was reported in saying that…

“Windows Phone Mango will available sometime in the fall, probably around mid-October.”

We have heard time and time again from Microsoft that the Mango launch would be in the fall but mid October is pretty specific. Another tidbit that he briefly spoke about was about hardware and minimum specifications. Maarten said…

“We will continue with the hardware requirements of Windows Phone, but we must look to the future with dual core processors, but also with simpler hardware. It is an asset that the Windows Phone experience on cheaper devices is feasible.”

So it looks like Mango will most likely support dual core processors as well as keeping the requirements low to capture the low price point.

Source: Nieuwemobiel.nl, WMPU


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