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Remote Desktop App Gets First Update

May 14, 2011 3 Comments

The Remote Desktop app gets a critical update that adds stability and squashes a few bugs.


  • Tons of stability fixes and bug fixes.
  • Added a tutorial to explain host setup, demonstrate the connection process, security and explain the mouse controls
  • Trail has been extended for 5 minutes
  • Can connect to servers that don’t have a password set
  • requests audio to be left on the server (if server supports)
  • Fixes for resolution changes and windows 2008 server machines
  • Added a control feature to allow accurate positioning

Network level authentication still not supported – will be added on next update


Caution! The connection is not directly connected and goes through an unknown server!

Thanks Frank for the warning

App info:
Remote Desktop will connect to any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003 Server or other Windows computer running at least Professional (Home editions do not allow Remote Desktop connections, Windows 2000 is not supported for security reasons) without any extra configuration except for enabling Remote Desktop Connections. Only supports standard security, does not support Network Level Authentication. Supports screen resolutions from native Windows Phone 7 resolution up to 1280 x 1024 and in 256 colour or 64 thousand colours and support for advanced RDP draw orders for high performance on low bandwidth connections. Connections must be to an Internet visible IP Address or domain name such as a dynamic dns name, cannot connect to any server that is not Internet visible.




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