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Some Indie Games Way Better Than a Few WP7 Xbox Live Titles

May 4, 2011 3 Comments

There are a handful of Xbox Live titles on my Windows Phone that I love and represent what an Xbox Love game should be. Games like…


But some games that have come out for WP7 under the Xbox Live label have been mediocre at best. Don’t even get me started on game room labeled games because although they are classics and i love to take it back to the 8 bit days. They should not be considered Xbox Live titles.

The biggest problem I have with all of this is that there are a handful of games that are not under the Xbox Live umbrella that should be. Games that represent everything that Xbox Live title should be as far as graphics, sound, quality and all around fun!

What is the big deal? What is the difference? It is the sad fact that a so-so Xbox Live game might be making more than an incredible indie game. Some WP7 users out there aren’t paying attention to all the great games that are also available on Windows Phone.

Here at WP7 Connect, we will soon be creating a special page dedicated to games that should be Xbox Live enabled. Games that are must have for you Windows Phone. I will start it off with some of my favorite games that should be Xbox Live …


What do you guys think?

Have any favorite non Xbox Live titles that you think should be XBL enabled?

FYI: feel free to click around the images… they all take you to the review or latest news…

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